Well, I am going to give Patreon another try. Last time I found it really frustrating to have this pressure to create each month. This time I have only one tier for 3 euros a month, and I will create in the moment, sing, blog, post poetry, recipes, personal thoughts, etc. 

More information can b…

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Out with Netflix and in with new podcasts...

So we have ended our subscription with Netflix and it will run out in the next few weeks.

Although there are many programs on Netflix which I will miss, I can no longer support this company as I feel strongly that they have no ethical/moral ground in which they run their business. I also know tha…

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Pay attention to what is going on...

Have you read this information? (M.D. Christiane Northrup)

Have you read or been following news and updates from M.D. Christiane Northrup?

Some may interest you.

Text taken from:

What if you sent your children to school only to find out later an invasive medical procedure had been per…

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Album review from the Rock Doctor in BC, Canada

NOWHERE LEFT TO GO Layla Zoe (Independent) ****+

No better way to start off a brand new year than with a little fire and brimstone blues.  Layla’s 15th album features everything from blues to rock, folk, gospel and more, often concurrently, but mostly blues with rock muscle… and she KILLS it.…

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All in the smile!

One of my fans Andreas Scholz in Germany recently won the grand prize merchandise package on New Year's Day which included vinyl, cds, t-shirts, photos and more.

He received the package yesterday and you can see the JOY it brings! Thanks for all the support Andreas and enjoy your prizes. :)

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Tech giants

Always we have been waiting somehow, knowing that a time would come when technology, particularly of the internet would begin to hurt and harm in ways we wanted to blind ourselves to in the past. Always "terms of service" were changing and we would tell ourselves, "yes, but I know I must give up som…

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I am so grateful to those fans who have ordered merchandise in the last few months. I cannot tell you in words how much I appreciate this. I have had no income, and no financial support from the dutch or Canadian government for the past year and it looks as though my upcoming spring tour might be mo…

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Yoga, meditation and aerobic dance

Today I finally took the time to use the new room my husband renovated for me, which I decorated as a yoga/meditation/dance room in our house. It is calming, clean, minimalist and gives me the chance to finally start working on healing some inner issues I have been carrying with me, in my body, for …

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Radio interview with the Rockin' Blues Show (Canada)

Thanks to Brent on the Rockin' Blues show for all his support of independent blues music. Check out recent radio interview (Rocking Blues show #478)

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