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Yesterday travel laws changed in Canada. One of the last countries next to China to uphold ridiculous vaccine mandates. With the mandates ending on June 20th, the question is, what really changes? Will the airports suddenly run smoothly? Will unvaccinated individuals be treated with more respect, and given the chance to travel as they once did? Ofcourse not.

This only allows people who are unvaccinated to finally step onto a plane. And to fly into or leave Canada, finally, to see family, friends, or deal with emergencies.

But what will not be expressed in this supposed "celebratory moment" is the reality that unvaccinated will still be expected to quarantine for 14 days, do up to 3 tests to enter the country, etc, etc, etc...

Everyone I know who is vaccinated has caught the "virus" at least once or twice now. It has been stated clearly by the WHO that vaccinated people can also spread the "virus" why are we still segregating unvaccinated individuals in Canada and treating them as lesser citizens?

And how can we celebrate that this corrupt and tyrannical government in Canada has given this new so-called "freedom" when from day one, everything they have done in response to this "pandemic" has been morally wrong. The size of the cage has changed. But still in the Canadian government's eyes unvaccinated individuals deserve to be in cages. A cage that requires they follow the rules, comply, stand in a separate line, and be prejudiced against for their own personal health choices.

So yeah...YAY. Let's celebrate...

I won't celebrate until all of these ridiculous laws have been abolished for good, and until ALL those around the world who have upheld them, have been charged with crimes against humanity.

For it is these same men and women who have told you how you can live your lives, that are flying around in jets having expensive private parties without masks on. And who continue to pay the media to withhold important information from you about vaccine injury and death...

Do not forget. #trudeaumustgo

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