All the same as ONE...

Updated: Feb 18

Dearest ones, There is so much I wanted to say tonight. So much I wanted to express. I wrote a very long letter trying to express it all. But I erased it because words just won't fit to fill the holes in my heart tonight after seeing the footage coming from Canada. What will it take for the world to wake up? What will it take for the anger, hatred, judgement, condemnation, hypocrisy, lies, media blackouts, government corruption, police violence, divisiveness, division, FEAR and PAIN to finally come to an end? In war there are NO winners. In LOVE there can be no losers. WHEN WILL WE LEARN? WHEN WILL WE TRULY SEE EACHOTHER? .....ALL....THE....SAME....AS....ONE.... I love you all. And I truly believe we WILL get through to the other side of this. And even if I am not there to see that beautiful day, I believe in my heart of hearts that we WILL someday rise above this anger and fear and blame, to a crystal clear vision of eachother, in LOVE and PEACE and HARMONY. You do not have to be afraid any longer. This IS our time, to transcend or to vanquish. We still have this choice, and no one can take this from us. I am with you. ALL OF YOU. It is your choice.... Will you continue to believe in the good, will you continue to SHINE YOUR LIGHT, will you continue to speak your TRUTH, will you continue to LOVE? Always, x The Firegirl

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