Devastating flooding in Europe

There are no words which can describe my shock and horror after returning from a business trip to Germany and seeing that I narrowly avoided the flooding on my route there and back, and was lucky to sleep through the night without being swept away by the massive flooding in the North Rhine-Westphalia area. But now that I am home safe in the Netherlands I am even more worried about friends and colleagues I still have been unable to get in touch with in Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg and especially Verviers, Belgium where my dear friend Francis has club the 'Spirit of 66'. Not to mention the many amazing fans who live in Verviers and the surrounding areas, who used to greet us annually at the club where we played many times and recorded my live album, "Live at Spirit of 66" released in 2015. God please have mercy on all those who have been affected by these terrible floods around Europe. May those who are still missing be found quickly, and may all those affected be able to fully recover, rebuild and find peace once more...

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