Enough (poem)

Do not be afraid.

I can't make you sick.

No sicker than you were before,

you won't get answers from that stick.

And this hate towards your fellow man,

won't make the world get better.

It won't change the death from a many cause,

or stop the changing weather.

Do not be afraid,

it's just your own reflection.

Showing you that the path you've chosen,

might not be the best direction.

'Cause over here I don't care,

if you're tattooed or you're not.

I don't mind if you like Biden,

or if you root for Trump.

I don't care if you're injected,

or if you want to wait.

I don't mind if your hair is green,

or you like to keep things straight.

I don't judge how you eat or pray,

or with whom you like to lay.

It's not me, who'll judge your tears,

instead with you, I'd like to pray.

Pray for a world in unison,

pray for a clear vision.

Pray for a clarity to bring some sense,

to all this blatant poison.

Pray together, you and me,

no matter what our difference.

Pray for an ability to talk it out,

and take the time to listen.

Without listening, how can we hear?

How can we see one another?

How can we live in this world together,

my beautiful sisters and brothers?

Can't you see the stakes at play,

and the men who roll the dice?

They don't want us to understand,

they don't want us to play nice.

They don't want us to get along,

they don't want us to love.

They only want what they want,

they believe they are higher than God.

But we are stronger, I promise you.

We are lighter than air.

We are softer than a baby bird's belly.

Our hearts are designed to be fair.

Our egos need to be shattered now,

and we must walk away from the shadows.

Into the light, child, into the light,

is all that truly matters.

So please, do not be afraid;

don't live inside this hate.

Your choice, my choice, it's all the same;

you're allowed to choose your own fate.

But my fate will be left up to me,

and to God, and those men who are free.

I will not hand over my soul to men,

who care for nothing but power and greed.

And I don't care if you're injected or not,

how could I ask you to choose,

what's right for your body,

when I only have rights over mine.

Trying to force you, I would only lose.

To be divided is to be conquered,

or so the saying goes,

believe me it's only a matter of time.

now comes the turning tide.

To bring you down onto your knees, to worship at the feet of God.

To make you see your spiritualess ways, as the night is getting dark.

Do not be afraid, my friend,

we are from the same feather,

floating slowly through this dream,

through bleak and stormy weather.

But we are stronger, we are wiser,

we are spun from love.

Remove the hatred from your heart,

haven't you had enough?

By Layla Zoe August 10/2021

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