I'll forever sing! (poem)

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Wrote this poem for a dear friend who has been feeling low. I hope it helps a little, and wanted to share it.

x Layla

I'll forever sing!

Last month I began feeling so low. Like my dear old friend, with the heart of pure gold. Who wore her pain, right there on her sleeve. Feeling the weight of the world as a stagnant disease. I fell into books and information, and lies. I fell into TV, and movies and cried. I fell into music but I just could not dance. Depression was eating my every chance. I fell into a mind war 'tween future and past. Present moments were lost, I kept slipping so fast, into darkness and questions, exhaustion and pain. I could not see clearly, my efforts all seemed in vain. So I walked into the woods to end what I felt, planning never to return, in my pouch an old belt. In the distance a tree, so big and so strong, looked perfect for climbing, and flying down from. So I walked without thinking and tried to ignore. The world slowing 'round me; this pain in my core. But as I was walking, I couldn't help but see. Above me the leaves shaking, on every tree. As if they were waving; looking directly at me! And their colours kept changing from silver to green. Like jingling bells in the sleigh of Saint Nick, they seemed to call out to me, so I sped up so quick, that I tripped on a root deep down in the dirt. It startled me something, and the earth soiled my skirt. I lay there feeling sore, but then what did I hear? The sound of the whippoorwill's song of no fear. Rising high in the breeze the sound seemed to cheer, "Don't give up now, look up, it's so clear." So I gazed slowly upwards, and there were the clouds. So majestic and fluffy, pure white and so proud. They formed visions of beauty, new beginnings and strength. How had I missed their soft lesson, in my depression trance? Now came the wind, and the warmth and the sounds, of the grasshopper tunes and around me a crowd, started to gather, of every nature of being! Little furry feet and big black beaks! Butterfly tongues and salamander cheeks! Fairy wings, oh they could never compete, with the creatures who came to greet me on my path to defeat. And my heart began slowly to feel lighter than air. I noticed seeds floating around me with care. I could smell the seasons slowly beginning to change. And I felt myself looking forward, to another spring cleansing rain. I became suddenly hopeful for the first time in years, and dripping down from my face came those warm ocean tears. And I cried like a baby who lacks a good night's sleep. I cried out so loud I disturbed the neighbour's black sheep! But the tears weren't of grief, but from joy, it was JOY! T'was the wonder of nature; the earth mother's ploy! So I fell to my knees and dropped the pouch with the belt. I clasped both my hands and God's presence I felt. And no longer I wanted to end what was real. But to taste every teardrop and raindrop and feel, life's blood running through me; appreciate it so precious! And let go of the darkness which had made me so reckless. A fawn came and kissed me so soft on my cheek. The fish came to listen to me pray, from the creek. And the sun shone through teardrops; a rainbow created. The feeling of love through the woods permeated. And I was reminded again of this gift to all humans. Which had the same power as the mother's deep womb, and, I became reborn on that new day in the Spring. Thanks to this blessing from nature; I'll forever sing! Written by Layla Zoe/ August 6, 2021

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