Many shapes

And so you let them push you further towards divisionism.

And you know what the end result will be.

Some will be honoured while others must say goodbye to being free.

Many of your friends and family won't be able to sit down with you and break bread.

So many being ridiculed, children ending up dead.

Imagine this hopeless world for them, wearing masks all day in school.

But you just sit by accepting the story, in the end who will be the fool?

Wars they come in many shapes, and many masks of pain.

But no one wins when sides are taken, and greedy men are left to reign.

You think you know the science, and the politics and truth.

You think you see the writing, you spurt these numbers like a sleuth.

You creep around telling others how to live, this makes you feel less alone.

Less emptiness and less afraid, you sit upon your throne.

Telling others what to do, and who to do it with.

You change the world to match your fear of someday facing death.

But death it comes in many shapes and masks of gritty pain.

And if you believe by choosing one type of death and giving it this name,

while asking for certificates and proof, you've clearly gone insane.

You sit back and let them lie and push us to the end.

You turn your back on family, colleagues and oldest friends.

You scream louder every day and shake your victim dance.

You say that you are in control while bad men they wear the pants.

You laugh at those choosing a different way, and make them pay and pay.

But someday you will see the light, I guarantee someday.

And in forgiveness all are one, and none are put asunder.

Layla Zoe

September 2, 2021

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