Misty Fields Festival

This year I went for the third time to Misty Fields festival in the Netherlands. A small intimate festival, and although I hate to put genre names on any music, it's mostly Indie, some Americana and also punk bands. I love all kinds of music, so a small festival like this is a great place to discover some new music, without dealing with the big crowds and ridiculous festival ticket prices. I have to thank my husband and his friends for introducing the festival to me.

Last year I saw and met Charlie Parr who I had of course heard before and was thrilled to hear him perform live and speak to him after the show.

This year I saw that Kim Churchill was playing and since I had heard his music and knew of him for years, I was also looking forward to hear him on stage for the first time. He lived up to my expectations and put on a great "one man" show, and was so friendly and easy to approach after the high energy set.

Other bands I liked this year were Ghost Woman from Canada who had a huge fat bass sound, and Elephant from The Netherlands who had these beautiful harmonies reminiscent of CSNY and a real modern yet 70's feel. Highly recommend checking these young guys out.

So as you can see, I enjoy all kinds of music, and I also enjoy being in the audience and not on stage sometimes. :)

Love to you all and thanks to all the bands and friends who made the festival special,

x Layla

Photo with friends and Kim Churchill (centre) c/o Ruud Hermans.

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