Personal experience

It is kind of amazing to me that anyone would ask, if I had or had not had a personal experience which inspired or drove me to write the song and make the video for "The Bluebird's Egg"...

Of course I did.

I could never write a song like this if I had not had a personal experience, nor could I fake emotion at the end of a video shoot.

Hope that's clear.

So grateful to everyone who has reached out and connected since the song/video was released. This project was about speaking out, not about creating more silence for women.

So if you know someone who has been affected, then maybe you will consider talking to them about it or sharing the video. My desire with this project was to help more people speak about this, open up dialogue, and promote healing without fear or stigmatisation...But also important, this is not an issue which only affects women. Of course men are also effected by this extreme loss. But the video was about women who have felt this pain with and through their own bodies.

Love to you all, and keep shining brightly out there, we need it now more than ever before.

x Layla

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