The 2022 Grammys

Updated: May 4

I rarely watch the Grammy's as over the years it began to offend me a little more each time.

But I did watch some of it this year, and I cannot begin to describe the feeling watching some of the acts (I cannot call all of them artists) and even more painful was watching the host make "jokes" about the past two years (I won't bother mentioning his name either), "money is all that matters" and other ridiculous statements/comments in between the songs and award announcements, which were so artificial. I will never understand why the blues artists are awarded in a separate room with no television coverage. But again, I don't decide what makes it on TV, and perhaps it is better this way. Since we know most of what comes from TV is only garbage and propaganda these days. But one highlight of the Grammy's this year were the performances by Chris Stapleton (if you don't know him, you need to know) and also Brandi Carlile's performance. I highly suggest you check out these artists. You won't regret it. Thank god there are still a few real musicians making real music, in amongst the generic rubbish...

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