The Eternal Great Fire (poem)

The Eternal Great Fire

Down with the media who lie and pretend! Covering up the abuses of foe and of friend! Covering up every murder of child and of mother! Covering up what is real, and putting all truth asunder! Down with the media who fill up our screens, with artificial tales paid by government queens! Those who fill your pure heart with these nightmares and screams! Those who cannot be trusted, and brainwash the teens! As if to be "woke" is the definition of love! With all of this anger we've scared every white dove! Besides labels can't cure the pain they feel in their souls, wielding tools of propaganda, screaming "Do as you're told!" Down with the media, and the richest old men! Who would cry-wolf from pulpits, "An emergency end!" And lie to your face, while they freeze your accounts! Taking every penny, no matter how small the count! They bring in the thugs to beat and to prey, on those men and women, who are better and brave! Making sure that they teach you a mighty big lesson, or you might influence others sharing freedom and blessings! So they shackle, and demonise, and bring your house down! Smash in your windows, while they polish their crowns! Oh fools, can't you see this is the birth of a bird! Not of country or beauty, your eyes must be blurred! It is the vulture of greed and of death and of power! We are now getting near to 'his' dark final hour! So get closer with God, children, get closer together! You will need all your courage to face the sharp weather! The men in the masks are coming to change, all that you know and they'll aim at close range! Hurry now, build the eternal great fire! Gather together, no time to enquire! Gather together and hold hands in the wood! Now comes the battle between evil and good! Now comes the clash between beast and creator! Gather together, unmask this dictator! Sing the truth song and you must hold the line! Now is the time children, now is the time! Layla Zoe, 2022

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