The joy that music brings can never be destroyed

Now, in a new world where they want to ask me to do things I am completely morally and ethically opposed to doing, including performing to select audiences and contributing to the division, separation, and exclusion of people in my audience, I step back and say NO...

Now is my time, after all these years of giving music, to listen instead and step off the stage until a time and place when I can bring my music and voice again to ALL people of ALL walks of life, choices, ethnicities and beliefs. The indescribable JOY that music has brought me, can never be matched by any activity, person, or thing. And so I ask that you go on to enjoy my music for as long as it can bring you this feeling of JOY, and to wait for me until I can step back on stage. Perhaps you will even wake up one morning and be so disturbed by the world they offer you now, void of the freedoms you once knew, void of culture without forced medical proposals which hold no grounds or standing in true science, and you will decide to do something or say something, if you have not and are not already doing so...What will they ask from you next? What world do you leave behind to your children, and can you feel proud of what you are doing? Can you sleep well at night? Ask these questions to yourself, just as I have, day after day, since my career disappeared. What is your answer?

Until then, I will continue to post, record and share songs, and stand with you, all of you, conscious or unconscious, and live in love as best as I can, even when anger tries to take me down into his dark black hole. You have all brought me so much JOY, so much therapy through your energy exchange at the shows I have been so blessed to perform all over the world. But now, I say ENOUGH is ENOUGH...and I sit back to listen instead, as the curtains close for this brief moment...Love Layla, (always, your "Firegirl")


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