The world has gone crazy

Is this where we are now? After all the information we can access? After all the vaccine injured who have come forward? After all that we know about natural immunity? After all that we know about young childrens' response and contagion rates? After all that we have seen with myocarditis in young men? After all that we can feel in our own intuition and hearts, besides the "scientific facts" they choose to share with us? Is this where we are now?! Allowing children as young as 6 months old to be injected with this concoction which has not been tested for any reasonable amount of time? One size fits all?! The world has gone and lost it's fucking mind.

Walk through some simple talking points in the video here. And then use your head.

And while you all go back to what you think is "normal" in your lives, this is literally what the CDC and FDA are doing, approving these injections for children 6 months old and up, while you continue to stay asleep.

#crimesagainsthumanity #crimesagainstchildren

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