Today (Poem)


I just cannot stand the stench of ignorance today.

Old friends spouting off about things they shouldn't say.

Daring to judge others, without a thought in the world.

Of how this might effect someday, young boys and girls.

In this troubled and changing, awakening pearl.

I just get so angry when I see the blind eyes.

Unable to see through the news and the lies.

Unable to step into another one's shoes.

Only sitting and stewing in this brainwashing blues.

And I sometimes get angry and think "What a fool!"

But then I have to remind myself not to be triggered.

I really try my best, but somedays I can't figure.

And so I fume in my kitchen while I make up some tea.

But then I start to breathe deeply, and God shows up for me.

I begin to feel better with each passing breath.

Remind myself this "fool" is only fearful of death.

Tell myself to be gentle and not judge the unrest.

Of those who would rather live in the bubble.

Pretending one choice can remove all this trouble.

Hurting old friends, and hurting themselves.

By closing their eyes to this "new order" hell.

And smiling while they swallow their little blue pill.

I stand at the sidelines perfectly still.

I watch it all happening and count on my will.

To see me through.

And I know God is watching, I can feel him in truth!

I will keep shining light until it blows off your roof!

I will keep speaking out, until you see past their proof!

I will keep loving you, even when you're aloof!

And God will be watching, and love will surround us!

We, all together, in pain or in happiness!

We as one being, only feeling as one...

This is my story for today, now it's done.

Written by Layla Zoe Oct.20, 2021

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