TrustWHO documentary

Very important documentary, worth watching.

This link from daily motion means you will need to watch alot of advertisements to get through the film.

But it is also possible to watch the film on their official website for a small fee

which supports the documentary filmmakers who are currently working on another film about the corona situation as well (

In times like these, we must take the time to research and remember the past actions of these organisations like the WHO, the Pharmaceutical companies profiting, etc, etc...

The criminals in the highest positions are afraid, as can be easily seen in some of these interviews in the documentary with WHO spokespeople. So in cases of these organisations, governments, Pharma, and big tech, it is clear that they will do almost anything to stay in their positions and not be exposed for their crimes. Consider this when being influenced by the massive propaganda and censorship that is being propagated at this time around the world...

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