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Dear friends, fans, and everyone in between, What a strange time it has been for me over the past two years. Unable or unwilling to perform, under the guidelines/restrictions offered, I have instead stayed busy with projects from home and the studio. After releasing "Nowhere left to go" independently in January of 2021 (which was recorded by musicians around the world from their home studios), I went on to record and release the single and video "The Bluebird's Egg" in November of 2021. And recently re-printed my new version of "Diary of a Firegirl" my poetry book (originally self published in 2010), which will be available soon on my webshop in hardcover with new poetry, and lyrics. (All crowdfunders will receive their poetry books by post as soon as I receive the books from the printers and they are shipped to each of you. Keep in mind that shipping issues in each country can/may cause delays.) I am so proud of myself for remaining creative and also have many people to thank for this time, which could have been spent with a much worse feeling, had my husband, fans, colleagues, agents, friends, and family not been so supportive of my beliefs and situation.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reach out, stay in touch, share information, buy merchandise, support the crowdfunding campaigns, and send love. I couldn't have survived the past two years without your support.

But we aren't out of the water yet.

However I am grateful to have a new project on the go, and am currently working on new songs for another album. This time I will work again with a label instead of crowdfunding and handling all the details myself. It feels good to collaborate in this way again, and the timing feels right.

I am still living in the Netherlands, and in between songwriting I am still spending time with my dogs, taking trips to the beach when I can, and am also selling clothing and other items through online sites like Vinted and Marktplaats to bring in extra money. I still don't want to go back to social media, even though I miss many of you who I used to connect with through these platforms. But please feel free anytime to check out my blog here, join the mailing list to receive newsletters and/or reach out by email or the contact form. I truly hope I can get back on stage for all of you in 2023, but no matter what happens I will continue making music, recording, writing and questioning. Until we meet again, stay strong, love yourself and eachother, and use your intuition to guide you through this mess, as best you can. All my love, always, Layla Zoe

PS...If you would like to support me with my upcoming projects, feel free to check out the webshop and purchase some merchandise, make a donation through PayPal to laylazoe13@gmail.com or reach out for more ideas on how you can help.

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