Update from the Zoe (July 2022)

Hey everyone, sorry for being so quiet for the past few weeks. I have been camping with my husband and the dogs and trying to enjoy the weather (even when it was 37 degrees, ugh)! But the trip comes to an end tomorrow and I will be a bit more back on track. I can tell you now that I have recently heard the final mixes of the new album and it got me feeling excited all over again. It is hard when there is so much time in between recording an album and it's release date, but this album still feels so relevant to me as I hear the songs again and the mixes are finally where we want them. Also the artwork is underway, and I am thrilled to work with such a great team again. The album is now planned to be released sometime at the end of September. I will update you if anything changes. :) More soon, and lots of love from here, Layla

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