Update song and new t-shirt design

Very excited about the new song, "The Bluebird's Egg", as we are getting close to finishing, and recently Bob Fridzema recorded his parts on piano and Rhodes, and again I am very happy with the work he did and his creativity. Next I have one more musician laying his tracks in the next week from Israel, and then I can focus on my vocals. My friend Nils Völcker who mixed and mastered the album 'Nowhere left to go' and 'Retrospective Tour 2019' will also mix the new song. And I will most likely try to raise enough funds to make a music video for song. So stay tuned.

In other news, I am thrilled to have a new psychedelic t-shirt design, and am looking at quotes to have some t-shirts printed soon. The batch I print will be limited in sizes, so you'll want to order yours as soon as they are available, before they sell out. More soon! x Layla

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