Wedding memories on anniversary #2

Although we celebrate our wedding anniversary in January when we did the official paperwork at city hall in Holland, our actual wedding ceremony did not happen with friends and family until 9 months later in September in Canada in 2020. Today, September 6th marks the anniversary of that wonderful day. It was alot to stress to bring everyone together because of the "changing' times" in 2020, but at least back then I could still travel to see my family and friends in my home country, and the ceremony was small but in the end I could not have asked for more. Everyone came together to add touches and flowers, food and laughter, love and togetherness, and I will always remember and cherish this wonderful day. Thank you to my husband for sticking by me through so many changes. We have been together six and a half years and married for close to two. Even with all the ups and downs that life brings, we keep laughing, smiling, supporting and loving eachother.

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