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Video from 2005 Vancouver Island Music Fest

Updated: May 24, 2022

This morning I woke up to a message from a fan in Canada, who had resonated so deeply with the long (25 min) video I had sent out to fans a few weeks ago explaining why I had not come back to social media and why I was not touring this year, etc.

This message this morning from the fan in Canada was even more special because the fan attached this video which was taken at the Vancouver Island Music fest in 2005 when I had gone for the first time in front of a festival crowd with my guitar and tried to accompany myself and was releasing my first EP. Although I made mistakes on stage and especially had a hard time once someone on stage jumped in and started trying to solo/jam over my chord changes, haha, I am very proud of myself for facing my fears and getting on stage in this way. But most special is to look back and to acknowledge and face how far I have come. We all need to do this sometimes, to remind ourselves where we come from, where we have been, and ultimately, where we are going...There are deep lessons to be found and learned inside this kind of courage and reflection.

Love to you all, Layla


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