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The Bluebird's Egg

Thought it was time to update with some more news about what is happening with the new single "The Bluebird's Egg." Very excited that the song is now in the "mix and master" phase and is being worked on by my friend and engineer Nils Völcker in Bremen, Germany at his studio this month. I still need to raise the last few hundred euros for this project so please take a moment to check out the Gofundme campaign here.

In other news, I have some wonderful women who have stepped forward and volunteered to be a part of the music video shoot on October 16th in Nijmegen, Netherlands. I am still looking for more women of all ages (over 18 years old), body types, cultures and ethnicities, to volunteer to be in the video, so feel free to contact me directly at if you or someone you know is interested.

My plan is to release the song and video together in mid to late November, so stay tuned for more information and updates here and through the mailing list. x Layla


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