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Darkness versus light

I had a dark experience last weekend at a concert where I was performing, and a few people have asked me why I have not responded to the slander online about me since then. So I want to address that finally now. First off, I am not going to tell the story, because it is so disturbing and not worth giving more energy to now, nearly a week later. But what I can say, is that it wasn't even so much the fact that a person who was known for being difficult to work with and known for being cruel and violent to others on the road berated me when I tried to confront them for their bad behaviour when no one else would. But what was more upsetting was that no one stood up for me in that moment when the incident happened. People said they agreed with me, but when it came time and I confronted the issue, I had to do so alone, because in a room of 15 men, (me being the only woman), I went up against a hostile person who spit insults and violence and threats at me, and not one man in that room stepped in to say something or to stand behind me. This is the part that still bothers me and will probably always bother me. But life is a curious journey we must endure. ✨ Being slandered online doesn't bother me so much, because the person doing this has shown their true colours and I won't bother to respond except with this post, to say, that my silence was purely about NOT engaging with this kind of dark energy. And I want to remind everyone that you should always stand up for what you believe, and stand up when you know something is bullshit, and you should always speak your truth no matter what the consequences. If people ever doubt you, call you names, attack you, or believe stories about you when they weren't there to witness it in person, then just let it slide, like water off a duck's back, haha 🦆😂 Life is too short to let the haters drain you of your energy, or to let the lies and trolls have one ounce of your spirit and light. Because I can guarantee you, that is exactly what it is...and will always be...darkness versus light. 🔥 Love to you all, stay true to yourselves, and do not be afraid to call a spade, a spade. #nofear#lightoverdarkness #firegirl


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