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Just heartbroken, and don't know how I could have only just heard the news today that Ellen McIlwaine passed away last year (2021). I guess this is the reality since I left social media completely, as I just don't get news as quickly anymore. All I can say is I am in shock tonight reading about Ellen's death and it brings back so many memories. I am so grateful I had the chance to meet and hear Ellen and even to stay in touch with her on and off over the years. Such an incredible woman, who inspired me in a massive way after I first met and heard her play and sing at the Hornby Island Blues workshop many years ago in British Columbia, Canada. Her spirit, stories, fire power on and off stage, voice, guitar talent and personality were all traits to be admired and respected completely when in her presence. I hope she knew how much joy she brought to the world through her music, and that all her sacrifice was not in vain.

Love for you Ellen, see you at that big jam up in the sky when my time comes...


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