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Extract from instagram post - SUNDAY GOSPEL

I have been thinking for some time about writing this post. How to say things these days without offending anyone? It is impossible. But as I watch and read the arguments and pain, division and demands, I can only laugh a little. Not at the suffering being endured around the world, or in any specific place, but about wars that have been going on for such a very long time, that only now become popular and relevant to the masses. How fascinating that when the media tells you to become outraged about a particular situation, you suddenly do, and make a facebook banner for your profile photos and fill your stories with photos of dead children and demand that others do the same. There is, has been and sadly always will be death, pain, torture, suffering and war, as long as we relate to our base human instincts only and cannot see the bigger picture of the blanket of oneness that we are all a part of now and forever. And as long as we ignore the truth that every war and genocide is making someone somewhere ALOT of money or giving them more power/control…Which is generally the reason why most wars take place. They are all planned. But who am I to comment on such complex issues really? I am only a flake, a creative mind, a musician, poet, songwriter. And so best would be for me to focus on the little bit I CAN do…And that is not to join a pointless social media discussion/tirade but rather to do something real, proactive, energetic. And since there are so few things I really can do well but sing, so be it, I will sing. So I am here not to talk about obvious things like how horrible war is, but to announce that I will be bringing the ‘Sunday Gospel series’ back starting this coming Sunday. Tune in here every Sunday to hear some a-capella gospel, as that is all I can really do to contribute to an already broken world…Love and light to you all, be good to eachother out there and on here…x Layla

Photo c/o Charlotte Moser.


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