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There’s alot I’d like to say about my feelings these days on the music business, the world, and everything in between. But this time I don’t have to share memes pointlessly or feel powerless in my position. This time I DO have power. And that power, is the ability to remove my music from SPOTIFY, one of the most despicable corporate entities in the music business. Why do I say this you might ask? Well, perhaps you haven’t heard that Spotify has decided to stop paying any artist on the platform who has less than 1000 streams in 2024. Guess what? This doesn’t actually affect me financially as an artist because my songs have more than enough streams to be eligible for the pennies they throw at me each year. BUT WHO WOULD I BE and how could I face myself in the mirror each day, if I were to knowingly continue business with a company who shows their true face and contempt for indie musicians in such a way? I NEVER liked Spotify. I have NEVER paid for a Spotify account. And I waited years past everyone to finally put my music there, and only because I knew it could reach more young people if I did. Not because of the money, because Spotify doesn’t pay the artists anything, unless you’re Taylor Swift. Everyday you make choices that have power, everyday you can make decisions that affect the world we all live in. And it is sometimes about the principle, about a moral obligation, not the money/promotion! I wish more big names would boycott Spotify, but it seems many are more concerned with posting “Spotify Wrapped” bullshit this time of year, instead of taking a stand. Well, not me. As of the new year my indie releases will be removed from Spotify. You might still see some of my music there from record labels I’ve worked with in the past. In the end it will be their choice to remove or keep those albums on the platform. But please remember there are MANY other streaming sites to choose from, including TIDAL, and many more who don’t think they have the right to decide if an artist is worth nothing or something. In this world, we must make choices to stand against these monster rich/corrupt organisations. If we don’t stand together, surely someday, we’ll fall. #fuckspotify


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