Final production of new song/video and new t-shirt design

Dear friends, fans, followers and crowdfunders,

I hope you are all well and living your best lives in these continually strange times.

Although I have not been able to get back on stage yet this year, I am staying creative and positive, and continue working on my art and music.

I am finally ready to record the vocals for my new single "The Bluebird's Egg" and am so happy with the tracks that Dirk Sengotta (drums), Gregor Sonnenberg (bass), Bob Fridzema (piano) and Yoed Nir (strings) have recorded for my vision of the song instrumentally. However I have run out of money for the final production of the song, as my original idea and budget did not include payment of musicians to record, since we had planned to use digital tracks when I first spoke to co-writer Jackie Venson about the creation of the song. I have now adjusted the campaign goal on the Gofundme campaign page for the new song from the original 650 euros to now 1500 euros to try and raise the last support I need to go into the studio and record my own vocals, as well as pay for the engineer to mix and master the track, and pay for a low budget music video to be created. Please consider donating or sharing the campaign with friends and family. And everyone who donates will receive an MP3 of the song before it's official release date and link to the new music video before it is posted publicly.

Check more information here:

And in other news, I have also recently designed a new psychedelic t-shirt graphic created with polish graphic artist @topdog_studio and would love to be able to print the t-shirts on women's and men's high quality black t-shirts this summer. I have created a Gofundme page for this reason, and have listed details there that anyone who donates 50 euros or more will receive a t-shirt and stickers and handwritten letter.

See more information here:

Thank you for your continued support of my creative projects, it has meant the world to me to have this support during such a strange and uncertain time for the music business and world, as we know and understand it.

All my love and gratitude,

x Layla Zoe

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