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Happy birthday Henrik!

Happy birthday to my dear friend Henrik Freischlader 🎈🎸 There is absolutely no one in the music business who has helped and believed in me as much as Henrik did over the years. It is hard to put into words my gratitude for all that he has done for me and even though we sometimes did not understand eachother and had difficult moments, we always had a great respect for eachother’s talents and abilities. I feel very blessed to be one of the artists who Henrik chose to spend his time with writing and producing songs. The albums we made together are some of my favorite work and I feel so lucky to have known Henrik for so many years (since 2009 as seen in photo one!) and to have watched him grow and change as a person and artist just as I have. Only the best for this very generous and hardworking musical genius and friend! Happy birthday Henrik and thank you!


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