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Into the Blue Tour - what to expect

Dear fans,

I am busy getting prepared for the upcoming Spring edition of the "Into the Blue Tour" and can't wait to sing for all of you. I will be performing some of the songs I have never had the chance to sing on stage before, and some which have seldom been performed live before. I am also looking forward to featuring cover songs for the first time in MANY years in my show. These will be songs which have inspired me or are bands/artists that have inspired me when I was young and first decided to choose the path of music. With Krissy Matthews on guitar, Felix Dehmel on drums, and Josh Rigal on bass for this tour, I know we will have fun on and off stage and bring the best of the music to all of you. Look forward to see you on tour, x Layla

PS...the fall tour will have a different song list, so I highly suggest you make it out to see shows on both the Spring and Fall tours so you can hear as much new/different music as possible from the band and I!


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