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Reggie King Sears

I met alot of cool people during my time at the Blues in the Garden festival in Romania last weekend, but the one I liked the most was this guy. The incredible talent, Mister REGGIE KING SEARS! First meeting wasn't the best, I had just finished 13 hours of travel to get to the festival and was just laying down in my hotel bed when I heard alot of voices and noise in the hallway. As you can assume (my being a redhead and all, haha) I was not gonna just sit there listening to it, so I am sure Reggie and his band thought "who is this chick?!" because I kept popping my head out the hotel door and asking "are you guys ok?!" with a less than impressed look on my face, hahaha! Reggie started chatting with me while trying to push a huge piece of luggage up the staircase and was a super friendly and kind person I could tell right away, so I let it slide that they were keeping me awake a little longer. The noise ended soon after, and I fell into dreamland. Then the next evening my drummer and bassist and I headed over for our show at the festival and Reggie was on stage with his band before us, so I got to catch a little of his show and I can tell you, this guy CAN PLAY! Buddy Guy wasn't kidding when he said "this young man is a bad muthafucka!" If you get the chance to, you must check out Reggie's show. He was pure fire on stage, but without the big ego that many guitarists give off. Only a super cool and down to earth guy would walk off stage after blowing our heads off and put on his Dragon Ball Z shirt. So glad I had the chance to hear him and meet him. Go on Reggie, and keep kicking ass and taking names! #reggiekingsears

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