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It's here! The new album that I, with a great team of people, worked so hard to create. A huge thanks to Henrik Freischlader for all his dedication, talent and patience during the process, to Martin Meinschaefer for his recording/mixing/mastering talent and skill, Moritz Fuhrhop for his musicality, Caroline Sandmayer for incredible art that outreaches anything I have had on any album before it, Timo Wilke for his always professional manner and beautiful graphic design, and to my friend Regine without whom this album never would have been made or even imagined.

Now let's celebrate and let the music fly near and far to as many ears as it can reach, so that the songs might change or comfort the heart.

Love to you all, Layla

PS..visit the webshop for CDs and LPs or listen at the YouTube playlist here

"Layla Zoe presents a remarkable vocal performance, she is one of the few singers who can transport her complete soul life through her songs. From a soft whisper to a total outburst, she simply puts everything into her songs. If you like handmade, honest and sensitive rock music, you will love this album." - Christian Strieder ( - Germany)

"The World Could Change demonstrates Zoe’s multifaceted talent as a vocal dynamo, unrestrained in her ability to convey whatever a song requires. This is an artist and an album well worth checking out." - Sandra B. Tooze (Toronto Blues Society - Canada)

"The World Could Change is dedicated to those who stand up for true freedom in all its capacities. The songs on the new album are an excellent mix of blues rock and tender, soulful ballads. Layla is a powerhouse, but can also sing exceptionally subdued." - Theo Volk

(Music that needs attention - Netherlands)

"The World can change – believe in the Firegirl and her words from the heart." - John Hurd (3songsbonn - Germany)


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