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Rhiannon Reid

I am not someone who cannot find the words I am looking for often. As a writer/poet since childhood normally words come easy but I sit here looking at this photo and have no idea how to express the feeling of anger, sadness and confusion I have been feeling since late lastnight when I heard the news (only by chance) that an old friend had died back in August in Canada. In fact I am the only one still alive from the young women you see in this photo. My bestfriend Marsha with the brown hair died of a brain aneurysm in 2010. But it was my old friend Rhiannon Reid’s passing that I only just heard about lastnight. I felt angry that I had not heard, that no one had thought to tell me and that I could not find an obituary online. I started looking for answers and found a Godundme for her from 2022 where it stated she had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and lymphatic cancer. How she ultimately passed in August of this year I don’t know and don’t know if I will ever know. So I will have to grieve without that information as many people are forced to do these days. Rhi was a kind person, she was fun to spend time with and even though we had drifted apart over the years and had not spent time together since our 20’s, I still considered her an old friend. Why her death came and went so quietly was I guess due to the fact that I was not using social media for several years. But maybe she wanted to go quietly which is why there is no obituary and why a mutual old friend told me she didn’t have more information even though she had seen her at a reunion only a month before her passing. Whatever the reason I was only meant to find out about this by chance lastnight, I can tell you, it hurts. And I fear it won’t be the last time this happens. We are living in strange times and everyday more spirits are taking their leave of this world. Let’s hope for a better place. All I can do is pay tribute to my old friend Rhi in my own way here and from a distance let her daughter know I am here if she needs any financial help or anything else I can offer. Do take the time to tell the people you love that you love them, for in the blink of an eye they could be gone. ✨#rhiannonreid


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