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RIP Ronnie Hawkins

Heard the news today that Ronnie Hawkins passed on, over the weekend.

I am so grateful I had the chance to meet and sing for him in Toronto years ago.

He was such a kind man and put me in my place back then saying I sure sang well, but not as good as Etta James, haha :)

We talked for a while and at the time he was fighting cancer and had had a huge tumour removed. He had also seen a young healer and hoped this would help him survive and I was glad to speak to him and know he was open to all kinds of medical treatments during his long battle with cancer. He survived much longer than anyone could have expected with the cards stacked against him.

I will never forget the night I sang and he was in the room. Luckily a fan caught it on video.

I have come a long way since then, but only because of artists like Ronnie who I grew up listening to and seeing (in 'The Last Waltz', thanks to my father) and who pushed me to be my best and keep working and growing as a singer and artist.

RIP Ronnie, thanks for the music, smile and for taking the time to talk all those years ago in Toronto.


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