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The LPs have arrived!

After a long wait the LPs have finally arrived today and I am very grateful to see this beautiful artwork/graphic design, and to hear the songs in such high quality. I shipped out all the pre-orders this morning along with bonus gifts, thank you so much to all the fans, friends and family who already bought their copy and were so patient waiting for them. To anyone who still wants to order one I suggest you order soon as I have a limited number of copies and after I run out I will be waiting to order more from the label in spring of next year for my 2023 tour. So get yours while they last, and if you see they are out of stock on my website at some point then you can purchase directly from the label (Cable Car Records) or a number of other online sales sites like, etc...

In love and gratitude for all of you, Layla

PS...and yes, that is a christmas tree in the background of this photo, hahaha ;) Let's celebrate early this year!


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