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Tour postponement

Statement from Layla Zoe to fans and promoters December 3, 2021

To my dear promoters and fans, I simply cannot thank you enough. You have supported me for years to perform on stage in Europe, and I have experienced wonderful moments on and off tour, thanks to this support of my music. But I have also always brought my love, passion and fire on stage with me every night on every tour, and given 100% of my heart to all of you, every time I had the chance to perform. My connection with those in the audience has always been in every way intimate and genuine, which is why my concerts often bring a special feeling to the listeners. But one thing remains true for me, even through all of these changes we see happening in the world today. Music is about bringing people together. And for me, that means everyone. And so, I am forced to make a very difficult decision from two choices. Go back on stage to an exclusive audience who must show paperwork, QR codes or digital passports at the door, or who must be medically tested repeatedly to enter the concerts on my tour. Or postpone my tour until a time when all people from all walks of life, from all opinions, from all medical choices, from all religious beliefs, from all cultures, are welcomed back into the venues with open arms, as we have always done before. For me, the answer is clear. I hope we can do this tour in 2023 for you, and that by then our world will see more clearly that division, segregation and exclusion are not the way forward to a better or safer world. But the answer must come not from our wallets, our eyes, and our fears. But ultimately, from our hearts. My absolute deepest gratitude for all of you, Layla Zoe TOUR 2023 10.03.2023 DE-Neukirchen, Sägewerk 11.03.2023 DE-Metzingen, Hirsch 16.03.2023 DE-Braunschweig, KuFa Haus 17.03.2023 DE-Isernhagen, Blues Garage 18.03.2023 DE-Berlin, Quasimodo 21.03.2023 DE-Bremen, Meisenfrei 23.03.2023 DE-Halle, Objekt5 24.03.2023 DE-Bielefeld, Jazzclub 25.03.2023 DE-Wiltingen, Bürgerhaus 29.03.2023 DE-Übach-Palenberg, Outbaix 30.03.2023 DE-Dortmund, Musiktheater Piano 31.03.2023 DE-Stemwede, Lifehouse 01.04.2023 DE-Bordesholm, Savoy Kino 12.04.2023 DE-Hamburg, Downtown Blues Club 13.04.2023 DE-Wermelskirchen, Haus Eifgen 14.04.2023 DE-Münster, Hot Jazz Club 15.04.2023 DE-Schwerin, Der Speicher 19.04.2023 SK-Bratislava, Muzeum obchodu TBC 20.04.2023 HU-Budapest, BackStage Pub TBC 21.04.2023 AT-Vienna, Reigen 22.04.2023 AT-Enns, Kulturzentrum d'Zuckerfabrik 25.04.2023 DE-Bamberg, Jazzclub Bamberg 26.04.2023 DE-Fürth, Kofferfabrik 27.04.2023 DE-München, Rattlesnake Saloon 28.04.2023 AT-Hard, Kammgarn 04.05.2023 DE-Bonn, Harmonie


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